Chris Baker Massage Therapy - recovering your sense of balance


“I felt very held throughout and Chris’ intuitive sense seemed to marry with a rythmic technique that was so effective on many levels. A brilliant experience.Want more!”

James, Brighton

“Fabulous massage. I fell asleep on a few occasions. The perfect pressure, nice music, relaxing room. Everything was great!”

Ian, Eastbourne

“Chris made me feel very welcome and relaxed. Excellent pressure and a very professional massage. A perfect and magical experience. I will certainly come back.”

Brian, Brighton

“I found this massage session deeply relaxing and cathartic.

I feel genuinely soothed and destressed, and that is exactly what I came for.”

Jonny, Brighton

“Incredibly relaxing, good balance of pressure. Responsive when limits were being reached. I felt comfortable and ‘dignified’ at all times.”

John, Portslade

“Super relaxing. A very deep treatment. I fell asleep and noticed how deeply I was relaxing. Felt completely supported and held by Chris.”

Greg, Hove

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