During the current lockdown phase I am sad to say it is not safe to provide massage treatment.

As and when restrictions are relaxed I will resume treatments with the following changes.

I’ll be taking just one booking per day so I can adequately sanitise the couch and room for each person. The only exception will be people from the same household.

I’ll need to take your temperature, with a contactless temperature kit (pointed at your forehead). I will provide hand sanitiser for you and all hard surfaces you touch will be pre-sensitised. I am required to wear a face mask and a visor, but you are not. It is recommended that conversation be limited (a tough one I know).

The window will be open for ventilation so I’ll have heating on as needed. Finally I won’t be permitted to offer you a glass of water so you’ll need to make sure you either bring your own or remember to hydrate well when you get home.

I’m confident your massage experience will be much the same as before. If you have any questions or concerns I’m more than happy to address those one-to-one.

See you soon!